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There are numerous day trips to take from the Retreat, ranging from venturing into the highlands to glacier climbing, helicopter sightseeing, multiple waterfalls and countless other excursions. We love to assist you in selecting the right adventure that suits your mood and to handle all the necessary arrangements. All guided excursions are subject to availability due to the time of year or weather and we therefore suggest to reserve in advance.


The convenient location of Torfhús Retreat within the "Golden Circle" offers a range of possibilities in specialty dining. The surrounding area has exciting locations: Anything from enjoying lunch inside an actual greenhouse to enjoying fresh produce in a cowshed. Our hosts at the Retreat are knowledgeable about the variety of restaurants in the near environment and will gladly assist you with planning and booking.


The "Golden Circle" as aforementioned consists of three natural landmarks. Firstly Þingvellir National Park, secondly Geysir, the geothermal area and finally Gullfoss, the magnificent waterfall. Þingvellir National Park is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Iceland, where the rift between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates emerges. In Þingvellir the first parliament was established 930 AD named Alþingi. The main attraction of the Geysir area is Strokkur which erupts frequently hurling boiling water far up into the air. Gullfoss waterfall runs through the river Hvítá. The water plummets down 32 meters creating a beautiful spectacle.


Riding the Icelandic horse is a very unique experience no one should miss. This special horse is famous for its five gaits, especially the smooth gait "tölt". The breed has been pure for over a thousand years making it one of the purest in the world. The horse was brought to Iceland when the country was settled in the 9th century and it was the only means of transportation in the rugged environment. Today people ride the horse for pleasure, traveling and competition and there is a high demand for these friendly and strong animals all over the world.


There are several horse-riding companies in our area offering tours for beginners and also advanced riders and we would love to assist our guests to find the right riding experience.

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